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The 2 Best Electro-Acupuncture Points For Pain

The 2 Best Electro-Acupuncture Points For Pain

In this short video, I demonstrate on a real patient my 2 best acupuncture points for pain. As acupuncturists, we have the power to help patients achieve relief quickly and effectively. In particular, electro-acupuncture is an especially useful tool for relieving...

Highly Effective Electro Acupuncture Protocols For Back Pain

Highly Effective Electro Acupuncture Protocols For Back Pain

Do you want to know the highly effective electro-acupuncture protocols for back pain? Over 80% of the worlds population will suffer from back pain at some time in their life. It is the number one reason patients seek us out for care. Lets discuss the most highly...

A Highly Effective Acupuncture Point For Anxiety

A Highly Effective Acupuncture Point For Anxiety

An effective acupuncture point for anxiety should be well known to all acupuncturists. Anxiety is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world. We have seen an incredible uptick in the number of patients that are afflicted with way too much...

The Best Electro Acupuncture Points for Relaxation

The Best Electro Acupuncture Points for Relaxation

The best electro acupuncture points for relaxation? Look no further, it's the Kidney 6. Also known as the "valium analog point," kidney 6 is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress. In addition, electro-acupuncture at this point has been shown...


Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, DAOM, is a scientist, acupuncturist, traditional medicine practitioner, teacher, clinical supervisor, and founder of Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM).

Licensed to practice acupuncture and traditional medicine in
NJ and FL. He has successfully and safely given more than
60,000 treatments, of which a significant number were in the
treatment of the most severe disorders such as paralysis, and
non responsive pain disorders.

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 I attended the EAM Foundation and Advanced Seminar courses, and I was blown away…a door was opened into the future of what acupuncture should look like..

Rick Bernard

Acupuncturist, Teacher, California

I can’t recommend it enough since I’ve started taking Jeremy’s classes online….. my practice has increased  My outcomes are much more successful and I have a very high level of expectation for my patients to recover.

Dana Harbison

Acupuncturist, Pennsylvania

100% of my patients have confirmed positive results and have strongly requested continued EAM care. Difficult to treat, chronic pain has vanished where other approaches have only managed symptoms.

Roy Pag

EAM Practitioner, California

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