10 Years of Pain Gone With One Needle

10 Years of Pain Gone With One Needle

In this demonstration video, the patient has had neck, head, and jaw pain for more than 10 years. Using one of my dental acupuncture channel ear points, I was able to get the pain to disappear! Although it's been more than 6 months since this treatment, the pain has not returned.


Will this work for everyone?

Although this will happen to a small percentage of patients, most patients will need a series of treatments depending on their level of disease, chronicity, prescription drugs, and many other variables. So the answer is yes it can work on everyone! However, most people will need more than one treatment to get a permanent reversal of their pain condition.


What equipment are you using?

In this demonstration, I am using an intradermal needle, plaster sticky, cotton swab, and a tiny bit of surgical glue. This type of needle can stay in the ear for up to 3 weeks and provides a steady and continuous supply of benevolent qi to the point.


Ready to know how 10 Years of Pain Gone With One Needle?

Watch this video as I teach and demonstrate to you how a 10 Years of Pain Gone With One Needle.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, “10 Years of Pain Gone With One Needle and that you're ready to bring what you learned back into your clinic to help more patients and elevate our field of medicine.

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Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, Ph.D., DAOM

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