Blood Electrification Treatment That Reduces Heart Disease & Blood Pathogens

Blood Electrification Treatment That Reduces Heart Disease & Blood Pathogens

Have you ever wondered how the use of Electro-Acupuncture and blood electrification treatment can improve the quality of your patients' blood, and even reduce pathogens and heart disease?

It is estimated that most of us have pounds of pathogens wreaking havoc in our bodies. This is in the form of low-level infections. These pathogens can cause allergies, sensitivities, inflammation, and can make us susceptible to getting sick from external pathogens such as the common cold, flu, or any virus, bacteria, or fungus. There is also a clear link between oral bacteria and heart disease. Bacteria travel from the mouth to the heart via the circulatory system and in the blood.


Why Use Blood Electrification Treatment With Your Patients?

With the Blood Electrification treatment I share in the video below you can reduce the pathogenic load in your patient’s blood. After this electro-acupuncture treatment, their immune system isn’t stuck in a pro-inflammatory mode. It is resting and is ready to successfully deal with any external pathogenic invasion that may arise.


The blood electrification treatment will also increase the zeta potential on the surface of red blood cells. This will reduce the patient’s risk of heart and/or vascular disease.

For years, I’ve used a very effective electro-acupuncture medicine protocol for reducing pathogenic loads in the blood. In this video, I teach the entire protocol, from start to finish.

When you watch the video “Blood Electrification Treatment That Reduces Heart Disease & Blood Pathogens” below, you’ll be able to use the powerful acupuncture treatment to immediately improve your patients' blood quality and help strengthen their body's immune response to countless pathogens.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, “Blood Electrification Treatment That Reduces Heart Disease & Blood Pathogens and that you're ready to bring what you learned back into your clinic to help more patients and elevate our field of medicine.

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See you soon,

Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, Ph.D., DAOM

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