The Electro-Acupuncture Medical Paradigm For More Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatment

Have you ever wondered how our medicine truly works to help our patients heal? I’ve spent a ton of time researching and thinking about this, and what I found triggered a breakthrough in my diagnostic and treatment abilities.

Our bodies are constantly regenerating. When this regeneration somehow slows down or comes to a halt, we name this process chronic disease. All we have to do is re-spark this cellular regeneration process, and the best way to do that is to pump your patient full of benevolent chi.

In this short video clip,  I go into all the details regarding the medical paradigm that forms the basis of all our electro-acupuncture diagnosis and treatments. Please enjoy, and use the knowledge to help more of your patients.

If you enjoyed this video and got value from it please be sure to share it with other practitioners.

Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc


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