Eliminate Allergies Via The Use Of Electro-Acupuncture

Eliminate Allergies Via The Use Of Electro-Acupuncture

Millions of people are afflicted by allergies. These can be caused by foods, the environment, hidden chemicals in our foods and supplements, and even clothing, jewelry, etc.

Can a piece of food that I ate 5 days ago really trigger me to not feel good today?

Often times we develop food sensitivities, and because it can take 5-14 days for the reaction to occur, it can be challenging to link the way we feel with a food allergy or something that was eaten 5 days ago.

We are bombarded by pathogens in our world, such as bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi. These pathogens can release toxins into our bodies, and then this can cause our immune system to release inflammatory cytokines in an attempt to deal with these toxins.

When our immune system dedicates all these resources to battling an allergen, it takes away valuable resources that are needed if in the future we are exposed to an external pathogen such as a common cold or flu.

In this short video, taken from one of my recent live training events, I discuss 2 protocols for helping our patients to eliminate their allergies, and sensitivities to toxins. These highly effective treatments will enable you to eliminate your patient’s disease, and provide rapid relief.

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc


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