Increase Energy Using the Caffeine Receptor Acupuncture Point St36

Is there an acupuncture point that is can provide a boost of energy?

Different acupoints can be related to different types of receptors and neurotransmitters. Right side St36 is related to caffeine receptors and when stimulated in the proper way will provide a burst of energy, likely increasing levels of these all natural healing molecules.


What is the best frequency to use for this treatment?

10Hz or mesoderm related frequency works well, and when combined with a second frequency can amp up the effects even more because of the resonances and harmonics between the 2 frequencies.


Which is more healthy, drinking a cup of coffee/caffeine or receiving this electro acupuncture treatment?

Using St36 in an acupuncture treatment is non addictive, all natural, and a very effective yet safe therapy to increase energy, and overall health.


Please enjoy this short video where I detail everything you need to know to use this information in your clinic.

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc


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