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2 Days of learning ElectroAcupuncture Medicine and Advance Auricular (European Based). I met some of the most amazing minds who learned from pioneers of Advance Integrative Medicine. I learned theory, techniques and emerging research in the field of Electro-Medicine that I can use to enhance my results for my patients. I will be able to stimulate neurotransmitters and hormones to enhance the healing effect of the body. I am so thankful to AJ Adamczyk and Jeremy Steiner for there time and knowledge for this event.

Lynn Martrell Mcphearson Elements of Healing

Since attending the EAM Foundations course I have seen some great results in my clinic. 80% of my patients are coming to acupuncture for chronic pain- mostly neck, knee and tennis elbow.. EAM has given me the confidence and competence to treat these conditions safely and effectively. I have had some more unusual cases too such as IGg4 autoimmune disease, post- Lyme chronic inflammation and PHN that have all responded favorably to EAM. This is reflected in my schedule- I am a new practitioner and was chugging along at being full about 50-55% of the time. Since completing that weekend I am now 75% full, able to pay myself a salary and fully fund my CEUs
which of course includes the EAM Advanced course. As far as I’m concerned it makes absolute sense to build on what I’ve learned. I am most comfortable talking to patients in Western medical terms; TCM has always been challenging for me however my passion is finding ways to bring the best of both worlds to my patients. EAM is the perfect bridge between the two!

Elisa Szczepankiewicz Crandford Acupuncture

I can't recommend the EAM classes enough! I was so immediately impressed with the information, treatments, and results of the class. Jeremy and AJ are also excellent teachers. The class was chock full of clinical pearls from start to finish- no filler, no waste, and it was fun and inspiring! Jeremy and AJ are a great compliment to each other and have a way of imparting a lot of information in an efficient and memorable manner. When I left I felt 100% ready to apply what I had learned.  Not only did my plantar fasciitis, which had lasted 6 months and wasn't responding well to traditional acupuncture treatments, disappear during the class (I was the demo for this treatment)  I was also able to bring this treatment to my plantar fasciitis patients as soon as I returned to the clinic, with amazing results. Results equals happy patients and a happy practitioner.  These applications are researched and the results are predictable. I had protocols to apply for cases of depression, asthma, inflammation, pain, sympathetic dominance and insomnia to name a few.  After applying the knowledge I learned in Foundations for a couple of weeks  in my own clinic, I knew I had to take the Advanced, and that it would be worth it. I'm literally counting the days until the Advanced because I know my skills will jump levels and my patients and practice will immediately benefit.

Amy Green Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks

Your Trainer: Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, DAOM

Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, DAOM, is a scientist, acupuncturist, traditional medicine practitioner,

teacher, clinical supervisor, and founder of Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM). Licensed to practice acupuncture and traditional medicine in NJ and FL. He has successfully and safely given more than 60,000 treatments, of which a significant number were in the treatment of the most severe disorders such as paralysis, and non responsive pain disorders.

Dr. Steiner graduated from The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine (ESATM) with a degree in Acupuncture and a Certification in Chinese Herbology. He then continued his graduate studies at The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM) where he earned his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) with a specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) internal medicine.

EAM is a form of health care that is rooted in traditional Oriental medical concepts and freely blends the usage of electricity to modulate the production and release of all-natural super powerful neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. Dr. Steiner’s purpose is to maximize the human potential and innate ability to re-balance, restore, and enhance health. He is currently in the process of writing a clinical manual as well as certification programs in EAM. His clinic is very busy, and is in Montclair, NJ.


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