The Best Acupuncture Point For Sleep

There are a number of acupuncture points that can be used to promote sleep. My favorite and what I consider to be the best acupuncture point for sleep and to elicit a deep parasympathetic healing response is Du2. This point which is located near the tailbone, and also on the back of the ear. 

What else makes Du2 the best acupuncture point for sleep?

Du2 also accesses the massive parasympathetic nerves of the sacrum and coccyx and can be stimulated with electricity to provide breakthrough healing results. This point helps to relax both body and mind while also easing tension, anxiety, and stress. Stimulating this point with acupuncture needles can induce deeper relaxation and improved sleep quality. 


Du2 is the best acupuncture point for sleep and can be helpful in improving sleep-quality by triggering relaxation responses within both body and mind, aiding in reducing any anxieties or racing thoughts before bedtime that may prevent one from falling asleep or maintaining a peaceful rest during nighttime hours.

Watch this short video demonstration where I provide all the details you need to implement this in your clinic to help many more patients.

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Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, PhD, DAOM

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