Use Electro Acupuncture To Stop The Damage Caused By Scars

Often times Scars do not heal properly. The body can get trapped in a never ending cycle of trying to heal the scar by sending resources such as neurotransmitters and healing cytokines, however it never heals and the cycle never stops. We call this a blockage to healing and it has to do with the body being caught up in a sympathetic stimulation loop.

Can a non-painful scar really be the cause of our patient’s disease?

Scars can send silent nociceptive signals. These are similar to pain signals however the patient is not even consciously aware of this. These nonstop signals make trophic tissue changes and left long enough can have an impact on the central nervous system, as well as making changes in the peripherial nervous system. This bad signaling cycle can even lead to mental emotional issues such as depression or anxiety.

In this video I provide you a simple, easy,  and effective EAM protocol to treat scars and get your patient out of this vicious loop, unblocking certain portions of their nervous system and providing a window of opportunity so that the body can finally heal from the scar/trauma.

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc


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