Using Electro Acupuncture To Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk And Improve Health

Did you know, as electro acupuncturists, we can use qi from our machines to drastically improve the quality of the blood?

The Blood Electrification Treatment (BET) is a staple and a very powerful treatment that I use on almost all of my patients. It is fairly simple and requires that you use a minimum of one needle to  directly insert electricity into an artery, such as the radial artery.

What is Zeta Potential?

The negative charge on the outside of the red blood cells is call zeta potential. The higher the amount of negative charge, the more healthy the blood is. Negative repels negative, and the blood cells do the opposite of clumping. There is much more space in between red blood cells, and oxygenation to all the tissues drastically improves.

The number 1 killer in the world is cardiovascular disease, and this particular treatment will reduce cardiovascular risk, typically in under 30 minutes of treatment.

Please enjoy this short video…

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc


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